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01 May 2021 |

Chefs Trading's Market Report for May, 2021. Read on for information on what is expected in our main supply chains as well as our traceability technology we use to supporting social responsibility, sustainability and traceability in our supply chain.

Costa Rica/Panama/Brazil/Ecuador

Yellowfin Tunas landing are coming back. We should see growing volumnes of quality landings. Fresh #1 and #2+ landings will continue to exceed quality expectations for both medium and 60+ H/G YF Tunas.

Swordfish landings should increase this month with the in and out as they come in with the moon cycle.

Fresh Mahi-mahi is being seen in good supply with H/G and Fillet offerings direct to your door or local airport, your choice,

Slik, Lane Snappers and Groupers volumnes should also increase with the warmer weather.

Maricultured Spotted Rose Snappers are continuing to grow in popularity. Whole, Fillet and Butterfiled Fillets are available with a very long shelf life and perfect texture and flavor.

All products as usual are Traceable with our CT Tag which shows our supply chain distributors and the end consumer among other things where and how the product was caught as well as who caught it to ensure traceability that the product is caught legally and is associated with either sustainable methods or is helping the fishery move toward more sustainable practices via a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP)




Grouper production is expected to consistantly increase which will cause pricing to continue to stabalize to normal levels.

Yellowtail and Lane Snappers should continue to have increased landings this month as well.

American Red Snapper volumnes are expected to decrease this month all be it slightly. 



Chefs Trading

Our team travels extensively thru out the year advocating for Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Traceablity in Seafood. We support a number of Fishery Improvement Projects(FIP's) working with many different NGO's and have organized our own industry lead FIP funding model. As always, we look to support social responsibility in our fisheries and help the hard working fishermen and women who are at the heart of our supply chain while also helping our clients and comnsumers and the world as a whole. 

We urge everyone from Fishermen to Distributors, Chefs to Moms/Dads and all you Consumers to support FIP's, Traceable legally non slavery caught seafood, social responsibility and a Sustainable World. If you would like to contribute to these initiatives please contact us at 1-844-257-0959 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how you can help. 

Our team will continue advocating for social responsibility, sustainability and traceability in our food supply chain. It's Our World and we want it Now!

AVM, Happy Mothers Day to All the Moms out there, especially our Moms! :)

Happy Bday to my Granny! Gone from this world but your energy and love will always remain with us.  

When its going bad remember "This too shall pass" and when it is good enjoy because "This too shall pass"

Thanks for reading. Help Each other out there. Together We stand!

Eat, Travel, Love, Live and let go well friends!