Who We Are Changing Antiquated Ideas & Methods of Transporting Food

Chefs Trading® is an independently owned and operated trading company dedicated to changing the antiquated ideas and the methods of transporting food. Our goal is to ensure everyone, regardless of location, can have access to the freshest food harvested and to help well-managed fisheries become more sustainable. Our unique model is built on a foundation of honesty and quality, ensuring all our suppliers have been thoroughly vetted, the products have been processed and packaged according to the highest of regulatory standards, and our logistics have been tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.


Chefs Trading is the brainchild of two professional chefs driven by a passion for food and an unyielding commitment to quality. With 3 culinary degrees, more than 50 years' combined experience and a front-row seat to the food services industry, we know first-hand that where food comes from is just as important as how it’s prepared.

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Charles Dwan


As a former Executive Chef and Commercial Fisherman, Charles has worked around the world in such places as Cape Cod, Arizona, Arkansas, Bermuda, Mexico and Washington D.C., where he chose to end his culinary career as a Chef at the White House in order to Co-Found Chefs Trading.

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Chris Wirges


Chris has 25+ years experience as a Chef and Entrepreneur. Before Co-Founding Chefs Trading with Charles, Chris worked as a Certified Executive Chef, General Manager, Restaurant Owner and Consultant in such places as Hawaii, Florida, Arkansas, Bermuda and Mexico.

  • "We have been doing business with Chefs Trading the last two years. We receive high quality fish and, almost as equally important is accurate and timely delivery. Chefs dedication to sustainability is evidenced by their involvement in Fishery Improvement Projects. Innovation includes tracking fish from boat to table with QR tags included in each shipment. Truly dedicated fishmongers"

    Harry Mahleres

    Director of Purchasing
    Seattle Fish Company

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