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Our Guarantee

At Chefs Trading® we take a 100% boots-on-the-ground approach to sourcing and directly importing products for distributors, restaurants and chefs. We fully believe in getting our hands dirty on the docks to ensure that all the products we offer meet our exacting standards. All our products are fresh-caught, sourced strictly from FDA/USDA approved facilities and expedited to their destination. Our distribution channels are optimized to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and the products we source. We are fully licensed and bonded and work with trade missions and embassies to ensure we remain in full compliance with fair trade standards, rules and regulations.

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At Chefs Trading, we know sustainability starts at the source. That’s why we seek to partner only with well-managed marine fisheries and farms and establish Fishery Improvement Projects to ensure the on-going sustainability of the industry as a whole.


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Our commitment to quality assurance extends beyond merely sourcing and delivering fish directly to your door. With our pioneering CT TagTM technology, we give distributors, chefs, and the end consumer the ability to trace the product back to its origin.


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