Sustainability Ensuring the Future of Seafood & Our Oceans


At Chefs Trading®, we know sustainability starts at the source. That’s why we seek to partner only with well-managed marine fisheries and farms and establish Fishery Improvement Projects to ensure the on-going sustainability of the industry as a whole.

Chefs Trading is passionate about selling only the highest quality seafood. Part of that commitment to quality is ensuring the continued balance and success of the ecosystems from which our products come.


Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs)

We know well-managed marine fisheries and fish farms are integral to the sustainability of the seafood industry and the habitats that support it. That’s why we seek to established Fishery Improvement Projects with our suppliers.

Fishery Improvement Projects combine monetary support with access to professional resources that can help individual fisheries learn about and put into place best practices for sustainability.

Through strategic planning, responsible management and the on-going education of sustainable practices at the operational and work-force levels, we can help ensure that fresh seafood is available now and in the future. 


How Can You Help?

It’s not enough to simply give lip service to sustainability. Our quality guarantee mandates that we put our money where our mouths are, quite literally.

Every single purchase from Chefs Trading can help make a difference. When you place your order, you’ll be given the opportunity to add a donation at checkout. Choose from a set amount or a percentage of your total order, and Chefs Trading will add that to our FIP fund.

When you buy from Chefs Trading, you are purchasing and consuming seafood that has been harvested and prepared via responsible and legal means. And we can prove it.

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EPOLP Supplier Roundtable

Chefs Trading is a member of the Eastern Pacific Ocean Large Pelagics (EPOLP) Supply Chain Roundtable (SR). Formed in 2015, the EPOLP fisheries are multi-species and include an array of highly migratory species such as tuna, billfishes, sharks, mahi-mahi, and jacks. These fisheries share both management and environmental challenges that make them a global conservation priority. The EPOLP Supplier Roundtable focuses on influencing regional policy, promoting local FIPs to ensure best fishing practices, and encourage alignment across the entire fleet. Visit to learn more.

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Chefs Trading is a participant in the Center for Development and Sustainable Fisheries (CeDePesca) Mexican Grouper/Snapper FIP. CeDePesca is a Latin American non-governmental organization non-profit, with representation and projects in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. The team works with the fishing sector by promoting best practices in management, research and exploitation in order to ensure sustainable and responsible use of resources. CeDePesca run fisheries improvement projects in several countries in Latin America. Visit for more information.