Traceability Quality Assurance from Pier to Port with CT Tag™


Our commitment to quality assurance extends beyond merely sourcing and delivering fish directly to your door. When you buy from Chefs Trading®, you are purchasing and consuming seafood that has been harvested and prepared via responsible and legal means. And we can prove it.

CT Tag™

With our pioneering CT TagTM technology, we give distributors, chefs, and the end consumer the ability to trace the product back to its origin. This lets the end consumer verify that the fish came from one of our vetted and trusted fisheries, ensuring the chain of sustainability has not been broken.

How Does It Work?

The fishery places a tag with a QR code on each whole portion of fish in an order from Chefs Trading. That tag contains embedded information about the fishery and the catch. Simply scan the QR code with your phone or tablet to verify the information.

Accept No Substitutes

As a conscientiously-minded consumer, you deserve to know where, when and how your food was sourced. Chefs Trading and the CT TagTM system give you the peace of mind to know you’re supporting responsible and sustainable businesses and providing your customers or family with fresh, quality food.